Frequently Asked Questions

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Mobile App

The Mobile App is a free download that you can get from iTunes or GooglePlay depending on the type of smart phone you have. Here are links to take you to each store:

Yes. After downloading the app to your phone you will be sent an email with a confirmation code. Enter it as directed and login to start using the app.
Yes! Your past statements can be retrieved from the mobile app and printed whenever you should need them.
Yes, if your phone is set up to accept fingerprint log-on, you may log in to the app as well. Open the App on your phone, press Login with Touch ID, then use your fingerprint. The App will automatically open!
Services include:
  • making a check deposit remotely,
  • transferring funds within your account or to someone else’s account at the credit union,
  • viewing your pending direct deposit,
  • viewing recent debit card transactions that have been approved but not yet posted, as well as view other accounts that you have.
  • It can even help you locate an ATM machine close to you!


No. You must do so from our regular website. This can be done from your PC or from your phone’s browser. You can use the Mobile App to get to the regular website however.
  1. Open the app on your phone,
  2. locate the Menu at the upper left side,
  3. click on About Us which will provide you our website link.
  4. Click the link and then log in from there.
  1. Click on the Payments Tab within Bill Pay,
  2. Select View Pending Transactions at the bottom of the page.
  3. Locate the recurring payment you wish to edit and click Edit on the right side of the payment.
  4. Place a check mark next to “I would like to stop this payment”.
  5. Once submitted, your payment will be stopped as indicated by the green check mark.
Since a savings account is not a transactional account, the Bill Pay service is only available with a checking account.

Audio Teller

No, you will need to call back on our regular phone number at 847-724-6306.

My Account

Your funds are insured by the NCUA to $250,000 for an Individual account. If your account is a Joint account, the amount increases to $500,000. An IRA is separately insured from your regular deposits up to $250,000.

No. Funds must be yours with your name on it. Direct deposits for someone other than you that is not on the account will be returned. However, family members may qualify for GCU membership – so have them set up an account:

Fraud prevention monitoring services work best when we know when you're traveling outside of your normal area. Our credit and debit card partner, Visa®, monitors all transactions made with your credit or debit card in real time. When they see changes in your normal spending patterns – such as transactions made out of your area – that may be an early signal that a fraudster is using your card. Visa® will let us know of their suspicions and together we attempt to contact you to verify these transactions. At times the card may be restricted from use until contact has been made. When you let us know of your travels, we can be proactive and limit any discontinuation of your card use.

Yes, Secure Messaging is a service available after you log on to your account from our website. This service is not available via the Mobile App.

Locate "Secure Messaging" in the menu and you can feel confident that the information that you are sending us is safe and confidential.

You can only receive mailed statements or the E-statements.

The advantages of E-statements is that

  • they can’t get lost in the mail,
  • you don’t have to store them,
  • and there is no need to worry about destroying them when your done.
You can always retrieve previous statements anytime you need them by logging on to your account. Several years worth of your statements are available to you online at no cost and we keep them secure for you. And by not printing them, we can save a number of trees!


We look at each loan application individually and don’t let a credit score make the decision for us. While not everyone may qualify for a loan, we do our best to fit the best loan product for each individual. We encourage everyone to apply and our loan staff is here to help you through the process and work to get you the best loan rate possible.

Apply for a Loan

Having a credit card is an important money management tool. Our secured Visa® card gives you all of the benefits of a credit card and at a great rate. By pledging deposits you have with us, a credit card can be provided. You continue to get interest on these funds that are on deposit while the card is secured. After you have established a good payment record on your credit card account for at least a year, you may re-apply to see if you would be eligible to have the pledged deposits released.

Debit Card

Yes. Generally this is $1,000 for purchases and $300 for ATM cash withdrawals. You may have a lower limit depending on circumstances. If you're unsure of your limit, please contact us.

Limits play an important role in limiting risk due to fraudulent transaction or a lost card. However, these limits can be increased temporarily if you contact us ahead of time so that we can help you complete your transaction.

It is important to us to provide you with the convenience that the debit card provides you while balancing the risk of fraudulent card use by having limits in place.

Contact us as soon as possible so that we can review these transactions with you. Sometimes the name on the transaction may not be the same as where you made the purchase. This could be because the store could be part of a chain and so the name associated with the transaction may be different than expected. That’s why its important to keep record of each transaction and review your account activity often.

In the event that there are fraudulent transactions, your card will be closed and a new one issued. We will request that you complete a Debit Card Dispute form located on our website under the Forms and Applications tab. Funds for the fraudulent transactions that you dispute will be reimbursed to you within 5 business days.

Business Accounts

Our business checking account is value driven so we keep the cost very low or even free. For more information as to what is needed to open an account, see Forms and Applications

A debit card in the name of the business will be provided when you open your account.